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Paraffin Wax

softening attributes. Available in white colored solid form, this range of waxes is made of saturated hydrocarbon. Free from odor, these rectangular solid waxes have 200 degree C to 240 degree C flash point range and more than 370 degree C boiling point. Fully refined form of Paraffin Waxes is used for formulation of cosmetic items like lipsticks, face wash, face cream and so on.  Application of paraffin can also be noticed in candle making arena.

White Paraffin Wax

Backed by a team of experts, we have been a reliable manufacturer of White Paraffin Wax in the market. It is a white or colorless soft, solid wax. It is made from saturated hydrocarbons. White Paraffin Wax is often used in skin-softening salon and spa treatments on the hands, cuticles, and feet because it's tasteless, colorless, and odorless. 

Fully Refined Paraffin Wax

We are a profound manufacturer of Fully Refined Paraffin Wax in the market. It is used in food industry for oil paper of sandwich and confectionery, nuts, frying oil, fruit polishing, chocolate, etc. Fully Refined Paraffin Wax is also used in cosmetic industry for lipsticks, face masks, creams, face washes, nail polish and mascara. 

Semi Refined Paraffin Wax

We are a trustworthy manufacturer of Semi Refined Paraffin Wax in the market. It finds application in candle manufacture, polishes , wax paper, cosmetics , electrical insulation assist in extracting perfume from flowers , water proof coat for wood , medical ointment , match industry, food and chocolate polishing , etc. Semi Refined Paraffin Wax can be availed from us at competitive rates.



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